Dr. S. Kono

Institute of Innovative Research

Tokyo Institute of Technology


Prospective Graduate Students


Research topic: Development of advanced seismic concrete structures

Those who are interested in entering TIT may want  to refer to the following WEB page. Expect three to twelve months to process the application especially when you are looking for any finacial support. Please note that Prof. Kono are members of  the Department of Architectural and Building Engineering, School of Enviroment and Society, in TIT's educational system.

 ・Department of Architectural and Building Engineering

 ・Information on how to apply for the graduate program

 ・Information on the university


Some major topics in this research group are listed below.

 ・Displacement and ductility required for reinforced cncrete buildings


 ・Structural system capable of quick recover after earthquakes


 ・Seismic performance of concrete piles

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 ・Precast/presressed concrete structures to achieve durable and long lasting structural system

 ・Seismic retrofit of existing reinforced concrete buildings

 ・Lightweight slab system with glue laminated timber

 ・High performance concrete with fibers

 ・Reinforced concrete shear walls





 ・Performance of RC members with high strength concrete and reinforcement


 ・Evaluation of RC members with FEM analysis

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 ・Performance of RC walls for tsunami debris impact(Resaerch2014Research2015

 ・Performance of RC members with rusted reinforcement(Research2014


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